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We are an online Christian charity that promotes the exciting news that Jesus is always with us, offering each one of us a personal relationship with him, as well as healing and transformation in our life.  This is the focus of our work, and we call it Encounter Prayer.


This approach to prayer has grown out of the work of The Christian Healing Mission, and we have found it to be an exciting, effective way of praying.  It can be used on our own, in a group and when we pray for others.   

The Christian Healing Mission (CHM) traces its roots back to 1948, when it was founded in Notting Hill, London, to promote the ministry of healing.  This is still what we do today, although we recognise that healing can mean different things for people.  For some it is about sicknesses and ill health being removed, for others it involves broken relationships being restored, whilst many long to experience a new sense of peace and transformation in their lives.  These are all aspects of healing, and we can expect to see Jesus at work when we have an encounter with the living God.

Through various resources, groups, meetings and training materials, everyone is encouraged to explore the wonder of encountering God and seeing what happens as a result.  We are internet-based, which means that we can connect with people wherever they are, but we are also happy to visit churches and groups in person.

Meet the staff

John Ryeland

John is ordained in the Church of England and is The Director of CHM, where he has been leading the work of Encounter Prayer and CHM since 1997.  Before that, he was a Vicar in Essex for 11 years.

Gillian Ryeland

Gillian is Company Secretary and John’s PA – as well as his wife!  She has worked alongside him in this role since joining CHM at the same time.  

Liz Nicoll

Liz is our Administrator, a role that has grown and evolved since she joined the team back in 2011, and her design skills can be seen in this website. 

Our work is overseen by a faithful and committed board of Trustees:

Mrs Elizabeth Barker (Chairman)

Mr Gregory George

Mr Stuart Walker

Mr Charles Whitehead

Dr Glennis Williams (GP)

We are also privileged to have a wonderful Council of Reference to endorse our work: 

The Revd Lyndon Bowring

Dr Michael Harper

Canon J John

Dr Judith MacNutt

The Revd Dr Russ Parker

Mrs Jackie Pullinger-To OBE

Mrs Jennifer Rees-Larcombe

The Revd Oliver Ross

We are also affiliated to:

Christian Healing UK
Evangelical Alliance

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