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You are free to use these videos as a personal reflection to help you meet with Jesus. John Ryeland gives a short talk and then leads a prayer meditation.


Where we think we are in relation to God greatly affects the way we pray and what we bring to him. In this weekly 'Focus on Healing' John encourages us to begin our prayers with the knowledge of God's love for us.


The coming of Jesus isn’t confined to a manger in a stable 2000 years ago. He wasn’t Saviour, Messiah and Lord just for then, but for each of us today.


What is hope? On what do we base our hope?


In this talk and meditation, John encourages us to take seriously the presence of Jesus with us, and to find the hope that brings.

you may like to listen to a meditation

We have seven meditations you can listen to, maybe use one for each day of the week?

01 Chosen by God
02 The God who loves to heal
03 An adopted child of God
04 Created by God
05 The nature of God
06 The faithfulness of God
07 The eternal God
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