using encounter TO PRAY FOR OTHERS

“The training was a quality time for me personally and an education about being with people in prayer that quite resonated with what I think the Lord’s approach is – personal, relational, non-coercive. Thanks to you both for teaching and modelling the way of the Lord.” B


We have probably all prayed for others, either in person or at a distance. Sometimes the results are wonderfully encouraging but at other times we may well have been left feeling confused!  What is healing anyway?

Healing is more than simply seeing specific symptoms taken away.  It is about us becoming the people we were created to be – and at the heart of this is an encounter with the living God.


We have produced a 6 session course called Exploring Christian Healing. It is totally free and can be used when a group meets face to face or over the internet.  Central to this course is the immense contribution Encounter Prayer can make to the ministry of healing, as well as the opportunity to study some of the biblical accounts of healing and a chance to explore together some of the other key issues in Christian healing.

We also have a library of talks and interviews covering many aspects of the healing ministry.  We call this library Opening Heaven’s Door and you are very welcome to dip into it.