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exploring christian healing

Welcome to our training course which we are pleased to be offering FREE OF CHARGE as we want as many churches, groups and individuals to be able to offer prayer for healing in the best way possible. However, we are a charity so if you are able to make a donation we will be very grateful. Thank you.


A six week course comprising online videos by Revd John Ryeland, discussions, bible studies, practical exercises and homework!

We recently received this lovely comment from a lady in New Zealand:

Thank you so much.  I've just finished the 6 classes and I think it is a wonderful healing course. Since doing this course I've felt a much closer connection to Jesus myself and been doing much more regular prayer sessions and listening.”

We would love you to try it - why not click on Session 1 and see how you get on.

If you would like to access the whole course please complete the form below and we will send you the link
We invite you to try Session 1 - God's heart to heal. Click the image below to access the material. If you would like to access the whole course then please complete the form below and we will send you the link
I'm interested in Exploring Christian Healing

The reason for asking you to complete this form is quite simply that we'd love to know how many people are using our course and where.  We promise not to pass your contact details on to others or to bombard you with emails.  If you do hear from us it will only be to enquire whether you ran the course and ask for any feedback so that we can continue to improve it.  However, if you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive news of what we’re doing, simply tick the box below and we will be very pleased to keep in touch.

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