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praying for others

“I have experienced and used a number of “models” of prayer ministry in my 30 years of ministry and have seen the Lord heal on many occasions.  However, I have also witnessed people come for ministry and their physical symptoms or their other disclosed problems not being removed, which can lead to a disappointment with God.  When I first heard of what John Ryeland and his team were doing, I was excited because their focus is not upon a person’s problems but upon enabling them to encounter the living God.  This focus enables people to receive God’s touch upon their lives as He chooses and allows the Holy Spirit to minister powerfully.  This “model” of prayer ministry also takes the pressure off the prayer minister to find out the “root” of the problem or to “fix” the person, allowing God to be the One who reigns over the ministry.  As a church, our prayer ministry team have adopted the “Encounter way” of praying for people.”

Revd. Jane Hulme

We have probably all prayed for others, either in person or at a distance. Sometimes the results are wonderfully encouraging but at other times we may well have been left feeling confused!  What is healing anyway?

Healing is more than simply seeing specific symptoms taken away.  It is about us becoming the people we were created to be – and at the heart of this is an encounter with the living God.


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We offer these FREE resources and hope they will encourage you to develop your healing ministry using encounterprayer as you minister to others. Click on the link below to access these resources.

 Exploring Christian Healing: A 6 session course which can be used when a group meets face to face or over the internet.  Central to this course is the immense contribution encounterprayer can make to the ministry of healing, as well as the opportunity to study some of the biblical accounts of healing and a chance to explore together some of the other key issues in Christian healing.

Exploring Encounter Prayer. A 5 session course designed to introduce groups and individuals to the concept of encounterprayer.

We also have a library of talks and interviews covering many aspects of the healing ministry.  We call this library Opening Heaven’s Door and you are very welcome to dip into it.

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