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speaking engagements

A large part of our work is inspiring and encouraging groups and churches so please get in touch if you are interested.  We will be pleased to hear from you.


We are very happy to consider all invitations to visit churches and groups, no matter what the distance – although we ask that you cover our travel expenses. 

The events of recent years have encouraged many of us to make far more use of the internet than might otherwise have been the case, with online gatherings becoming an efficient and effective part of life.  For this reason, you may prefer us to lead something online for you, and we are happy to do this.


You may like us to lead one of the following:

  • Preaching at a service, with the opportunity to pray with people

  • Speak about and demonstrate Encounter Prayer – how we can all encounter more of the living God and find the unique blessings that flow from him to each of us.  

  • Leading Quiet days or Retreat days – to open the eyes of those attending to the depth of God’s love for them and his presence with them.


If you are interested in knowing more about training for the healing ministry, we suggest that you make use of our free course - Exploring Christian Healing. 



Whenever possible, we would like to offer the opportunity to pray for people.

Whilst we are willing to lead a full day, research suggests that many people do not want to spend a whole day of their weekend attending an event.  For this reason, we are happy to consider leading half-days or even mid-week evenings if this may suit you better.  


We recommend that online sessions are not too long.

We would love to offer these speaking engagements free, but as we are a charity we hope you will understand that there has to be a cost to them as we need to cover our travel and time.  We ask for our travelling expenses to be covered and for a realistic donation to our work. 

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